Off-site shredding v secure mobile shredding – how does my business choose?


When your business decides it needs to destroy its confidential waste, there is something important you need to weigh up – off-site shredding v secure mobile shredding.

Your business must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure the data you hold about your clients and suppliers is treated responsibly.

What’s the best way to ensure your shredding regime achieves that goal?

Here’s our guide to off-site shredding v secure mobile shredding…


What is secure mobile shredding?


Often called on-site shredding, this is when a shredding company brings its van to your premises.

The van contains a mobile shredder and your documents are destroyed at your site.

You are issued with an immediate certificate of destruction and we take the shredded material away for recycling.

To ensure we can do our work securely, you’ll need a place at your site which cannot be accessed by the public. 


Why choose it?


Your sensitive documents don’t have to leave your site before they are destroyed, giving you peace of mind that the information included in them cannot be accessed and the data protection rules breached.

You can even watch them being shredded.

This is therefore a good fit for accountants, financial advisors, banks, law firms, dental practices, GP surgeries, opticians, and care providers.

An industrial-sized shredder is used which shreds thousands of document pages in minutes, a far quicker option than getting a member of staff to feed an office shredder by hand.


What is off-site shredding?


Your confidential waste is sent in GPS-tracked vans to secure facilities where vetted staff destroy it.

You are then sent a certificate of destruction and your waste is recycled.

The premises used for shredding are licensed and have 24-hour security. The staff used to transport your waste are vetted too.


Why choose it?


If you don’t produce sensitive waste such as medical records or accounts, this could well be the best fit for your company.

Many businesses find this is a cost-effective option for them as it helps you comply with GDPR and frees up your staff to do other things. Think about how effective your business could be if you had more staff chasing new business or dealing with customer enquiries.

Some businesses also don’t have secure areas where secure mobile vans could carry out shredding, particularly those which are home-based or micro-businesses.


Need help with the off-site shredding v secure mobile shredding decision?


Our experienced waste consultants are happy to advise you on the best fit for your business.

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