It makes sense for your business to shred everything – and here’s why…

Want to save your business time and money? It’s time to shred everything…

The days of separating your confidential waste should now be over.

The benefits of taking the decision to shred everything are obvious and here are the three main reasons you should do it… 


1. Your staff won’t have to spend hours separating out confidential documents

Forget sorting through bags of documents. Your staff have better things to do! 

Their time is your money.

They could be chasing new business, dealing with your clients, or getting your vital administrative work done such as preparing your books.

It also means they won’t have the burden of deciding what is and isn’t confidential information. 

The risk of human error is reduced.

If all your documents are going for shredding, you can rest easy knowing that all your data is protected.

While you are waiting for them to be shredded, you can store them in lockable cabinets for extra security.


2. You’ll keep your business reputation safe and comply with GDPR

Many data breaches begin with information on a discarded document. 

There is also the threat of someone retrieving deleted information from old hard drives or removable media such as USBs or SIM cards.

When businesses suffer a data breach, there is an inevitable loss of trust which goes alongside that.

Your brand’s reputation could take a major hit if your business is at the centre of a breach involving customers’ bank or card details.

Of course, there are also financial consequences – not least the prospect of a substantial fine under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The upper limit for serious breaches is 4% of annual turnover or twenty million euros.

Customers and suppliers who suffer a financial loss because of a breach may also decide to take action against you to recoup those funds, too.

Shredding these documents and hard drives allows you to avoid this threat. You also receive a certificate of destruction which proves your business acted responsibly.


 3. You’ll make your business more sustainable

When you send documents for shredding, the waste is mixed with other paper waste, then recycled.

When hard drives are destroyed, the shredded metal is also mixed with other shredded metal waste and sent for reclamation and recycling.

Your business receives notification of how much was recycled from your waste, helping you prove your business is sustainable and helping all of us in the UK reach our recycling targets.

How can you choose the right shredding company?

Look for a business just like Venture Waste with…

  • Vetted and experienced workers
  • Shredding facilities with 24-hour security
  • GPS-tracked vans
  • Certificates of destruction
  • Expert waste consultants
  • Excellent recycling rates

Will your business take the decision to shred everything?

If you need advice on how to implement this policy, send us a message and we will get someone to give you a call.

Take a look at our shredding services here


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