Why is recycling IT equipment so important for your business?

Why is recycling IT equipment so important for your business?


Is your business committed to recycling IT equipment? It should be.

Did you know that 98% of your old PC can be recycled and re-used? Did you also know that your business mobile phone contains valuable metals which can be recovered?

As we all attempt to live more sustainably, it’s increasingly important that all businesses should be recycling IT equipment wherever possible.


Here are the 4 best reasons why recycling IT equipment is vital


  • Your business complies with strict WEEE waste rules

The disposal of old IT equipment is covered by the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation.

This WEEE waste must not be sent to landfill as it can contain such as PCBs, lead, mercury, and coolants which are potentially dangerous to people and the environment.

The regulations set our 14 different categories of WEEE waste. IT and telecommunication equipment form one of the categories.

This includes PCs, laptops, servers, mobile phones, tablets, calculators, printers, and routers.

Each WEEE waste category has its own rules for storage, dis-assembly, and disposal, and it must have the correct paperwork.


  • You reduce your landfill costs

Sending items to landfill is also expensive. You face landfill tax and gate fees. So, anything which reduces the overall volume of waste you send to landfill helps reduce your overall business costs.


  • Your business becomes more sustainable

Many customers now look at how eco-friendly businesses are before they decide to make a purchase.

Your business needs to operate in this environment and proves its credentials on sustainability.

Recycling your old IT equipment helps you do that

Some recycled equipment can also benefit charities here in the UK or projects in the developing world, showing your commitment to your community or supporting communities abroad.


  • You can protect your data

Recycling IT equipment also gives you the chance to ensure the data stored on hard drives is destroyed so that it cannot fall into the wrong hands and cause a data breach.

Simply deleting a file won’t mean someone cannot find it and retrieve it in the future. Shredding the drive, then mixing the metals with other shredded drives and sending that off for recycling is the best way to protect your business.

It also ensures your business is complying with the data protection rules in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Failure to do so can result in a substantial fine.

Make sure your waste and recycling company is like Venture Waste with…

  • Experienced, vetted staff
  • GPS-tracked vans for collections
  • Secure hard drive shredding facilities
  • Certificates of destruction 
  • Certificates to show the amount of IT waste recycled
  • Expert waste consultants


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